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Competitions - Club and external

The Club has four Club competitions each year plus occasional set subject and open competitions. A ‘Best of Year’ competition is held each December with the Greenwood Trophy awarded for the best print and the COLAB Trophy for best digital image.

All digital entries for club competitions should be sent to Dianne Wills, email CompetitionSecretaryDPIs

Print competition entry titles should be sent to Bob Edwards, email CompetitionSecretaryPrints

We enter competitions against other clubs within the South London Federation and also take part in a friendly digial competition against Beckenham Photographic Society competing for the Chislehurst Cup and also a colour print and digital image competition against Gravesend Camera Club .


What you need to know:                                                        Who are our past winners:

Roll of honour Competition rules

Best of Year Competitions -12th December 2018 - judge Philip Pound LRPS


Comp. No. 3 - 28th January 2019 - judge Andy Smith LRPS CPAGB

Competition No. 1 - 24th October 2018 - judge Darren Pullman AFIAP

Comp. No. 2 - 28th November 2018 - judge John Nathan ARPS

Friendly competition v Gravesend CC, 1st April 2019 - judge Paul Adams DPAGB ARPS FDPS

South London Federation-Colour Print Results-2018-19

South London Federation - DPI Results - 2018-19

Chislehurst Cup V Beckenham PS, 10th April 2019 (20 DPI) - judge Keith Evans FRPS DPAGB

Comp. No. 4 - 27th February 2019 - judge Tony Bentley ARPS

Mono competition - 8th May 2019 - judge Phillip Pound LRPS

Comp No. 1 2018-19

Colour Prints (CP2) competition, 5th November at Carshalton CC and judged by David Eastley.

The winners were Beckenham with 73.5 marks (4x10's + 9.5), 2nd Orpington on 69, with Greenwood in 6th place on 60.5. Our top marks were 'Snowfall' by Sue Potter (8.5) and 8's for 'Salt fish' by Alan Russ, 'Dusty teasel' by Berenice Chan and 'Tobermory' by Bob Edwards.

Plate 3 competition for Colour Prints was at Croydon, 6th February and judged by Tim Moreland.

Old Coulsdon were the winners with 73, Bromley 2nd on 71 with Greenwood on a dissapointing 61 marks. Alan Russ was our top scorer with 'Salt fish', who also score 8 with 'Beached' and there were 8's for 'Dusty teasel' by Berenice Chan and 'Tobermory' by Bob Edwards.

Projected Digital Image competition (PD2), 22nd October at South London P. S. and judge Martin Faiers.

It was not a high scoring competition with the winners Orpington PS scoring 68, Carshalton 2nd on 66; with Greenwood scoring 56.5. Our best image was a well captured shot of the 'Red Arrows' by Bob Edwards which received a 9 and a Certificate.

Plate 2 competition was re-arranged for Friday, 22nd February at Selsdon CC and judged by Andy Smith LRPS CPAGB. The competition was won by Aperture Woolwich with 72.5 marks with Greenwood second on 69.5 and one of our best results in recent years. Our top marks were 9.5 for 'Perfect pleats'  by Dianne Wills and 'The Gardener' by Sue Potter who both received a Ceretificate and followed up by 9's for 'Looking At The Past' by Alan Russ and Open to show' by Tony Collins.

Comp No. 3 2018-19 Comp No. 2 2018-19 Comp No. 4 2018-19

For 2019/20 competitions starting September 2019, DP competition images should be entered as a maximum of 1400 x 1050 pixels (wide x high).

Also, in the Print competition Mono/B&W images are allowed.  

We welcomed back Philip Pound LRPS to judge our Best of year competitions.

In the prints there were 15 entries with the top mark of 10 awarded for 'Zyah' by Sue Potter and winner of the Greenwood Cup. 10's were also awarded for 'Skull' by Alan Russ; 'A bleak walk' by Bob Edwards; and 'That worried look' by Mike Wood.

In the DPI's (22 entries) the winner of the Colab Trophy was again Sue Potter with her image of 'Head Ledge, Beachy Head'. Other images receiving 10's were 'Pram Boy' by Alan Russ; 'Girl with red bag' by Bob Edwards; 'Seaside special' by David Bacon; and 'Just nice in the shade' by Mike Wood.

Members also enjoyed seasonal refreshments of mince pies and sausage rolls.

Zyah Head Ledge, Beachy Head_Sue Potter

The winning Best of year entries - Zyah and Head ledge, Beachey Head - both by Sue Potter

Best of Year 2018 results

It was John Nathan's first visit to the club and gave an entertaining and informative appreciation of the competition images.

Prints - 10's were awarded to 'Battle of Britain icons' by Bob Edwards and 'Gnarled' by Sue Potter, with 9.5 awarded to Mick Wood for 'Having a preen' and 9 for 'Waiting at the station' by Sue Potter.

DPI's - 10's were awarded to Bob Edwards for 'Girl with Red Bag' and 'Infinity at the Beach' by Sue Potter; and 9.5's were awarded for 'Bengal Tiger' by Bob Edwards, 'Reflected towers' by David Bacon and 'Setting Sail' by Richard King.

We welcomed back Andy Smith to the club who gives encouraging and thoughtful comments and understanding of the images put before him.

Prints - it was a limited panel with a top mark of 10 awarded for 'The tunnel' and 'Fishing', both by Sue Potter who also got a 9 for her 'Flowers at church'; and Bob Edwards also got a 9 for 'Lake at Chevening House'.

DPI's - 29 images were entered and Andy did a fantastic job working with the projector problems but was able to award 10's for 'The concert' by Berenice Chan; 'The pool' by David Bacon; and 'Dover Harbour' by Mike Wood; with 9.5 awarded to David Bacon for 'Shipwreck'.

Members should note that by entering Club competitions your images may be considered and selected for use by the Club in external competitions.

Please contact the appropriate Competition Secretary if you do not agree for your images to be selected.

Our 5th annual battle with Gravesend produced a tied result in the prints with both clubs scoring 175 (marks out of 20). Greenwood's top marks were 'Fishing' by Sue Potter (20); with 19's scored for 'Enjoying the view' by Alan Russ; 'A bleak walk' by Bob Edwards; and 'The Dead Vlei, Namibia' by David Bacon.

In the dpi's there were some issues with projection but all were viewed and marked from the laptop. Greenwood's top scores were 'The pool' (19) and 'Pelican coming in to land' (18) both by David Bacon; and 'View through a screen door' by Dianne Wills (18).

A good number of members came from Beckenham PS for our annual friendly, the Chislehurst Cup. Judge Keith Evans said these days judges were not marking on technical aspects so much, but more on creativity, observation and aesthetically pleasing images.

Keith used the full range of marks and our two top images scored 9's - 'The concert' by Berenice Chan and 'Girl with Red Bag' by Bob Edwards. Our next best scores were 8.5's for 'Look at the eyes' by Alan Russ, 'The 12.48 to Tenterden' by Bob Edwards, 'Pelican coming in to land' by David Bacon, 'The visitor' and 'View through a screen door' both by Dianne Wills.

In a bit of a one-sided competition Beckenham PS won with 170.5 to Greenwood’s 152.5.

South London Federation Finals day, Saturday 27th April 2019

Finals Day competitions were held at the Trinity School, Shirley.

Club entries were; Certificated Colour Prints - Alan Russ with his 'Saltfish'; Certificated DPI's - Sue Potter with 'The Gardener', Dianne Wills with 'Perfect pleats' and Bob Edwards with his 'Red Arrows'. Bob's image was selected by the judge for comment and considered runner up in the competition.  

Open Colour Prints competition - Sue Potter entered 'Head Ledge' which was displayed and 'Tilted'; Mono Prints - Sue entered ' Light on the window ledge' and 'Purity'.

Open DPI Jack's Jug competition - David Bacon entered 'Seaside special and 'The pool', which the judge said he kept coming back to in his final selections and made it the competition winner. Congratulations to both Bob Edwards and David Bacon and the first time that the club has had any success in Finals Day competitions and up against bigger clubs with many accredited photographers.

Red Arrows by Bob Edwards - runner up in the Certificated DPI competition.

The Pool by David Bacon    - winner of the Jack's Jug Open DPI comepetition

Red Arrows The pool_David Bacon

Philip kindly stepped in the week before the competition to replace the previously booked judge and gave some good comments on the images on show.

The winner was Alan Russ with 'Meme' with 9.5 scored by David Bacon for his 'Zebra' and also 'South downs' and to Dianne Wills for 'Through the Square Window' and 'Towers in the Mist'.