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Competitions - Club and external

The Club has four competitions each year plus occasional set subject and open competitions. A ‘Best of Year’ competition held each December with the Greenwood Trophy awarded for the best print and the COLAB Trophy for best digital image.


All digital entries for club competitions should be sent to Dianne Wills, Competition Secretary (DPI's) at the club email address -

Print competition entry titles should be sent to Bob Edwards, Competition Secretary (Prints), email -


We enter external competitions against other clubs within the South London Federation and also take part in a friendly digital image competition against Beckenham Photographic Society competing for the Chislehurst Cup.  


What you need to know:                                                                               Who are our past winners:                            

Roll of honour Competition rules

Best of Year Competitions - 13th December 2017 judge Ian Brash BPE2*


Comp. No. 3 - 24th January 2018 – judge Darren Woolway ARPS

Competition No. 1, 25th October 2017 - judge David Harford LRPS

Comp. No. 2 - 23rd November 2017 - judge Carol White-Griffiths LRPS

Greenwood CC V Gravesend CC - to be held on 28th March 2018 at Greenwood and judged by Glyn Bareham LRPS CPAGB

South London Federation-Colour Print Results-2017-18

South London Federation - DPI Results - 2017-18

Chislehurst Cup V Beckenham PS - to be held on 4th April 2018 at Beckenham and judged by Gerard Kityakara LRPS

Comp. No. 4 to be held 22nd March 2018 - judge Gerald Kitiyakara LRPS

The club welcomed back David Harford LRPS to judge and was kind with his marking and gave very considered and encouraging comments.

There were 16 print entries with the top mark of 10 awarded for 'The old and the new' and also 'Tobermory' both by Bob Edwards; and 'Alert' by Sue Potter; and 9 1/2 was awarded to Alan Russ for 'Beached' and 'Keeper of the gate (Gatekeeper butterfly)' by Sue Potter.

In the DPI's there were 32 entries with the top mark awarded to Bob Edwards for 'The Model' and also 'Red Arrows'; to David Bacon for 'Durdle Door towards Bats Head'; to Sue Potter for 'Herringfleet Windmill'; and Tony Collins for 'It is All Bowls to me'; with 9.5 awarded to David Bacon for 'Harley artistry'

Mono competition is to be held 9th May 2018- judge Mick White LRPS

Comp No. 1 2017-18

The Colour Prints (CP2) competition was held on Tuesday, 28 November at Old Coulsdon CC and judged by Tim Morland ARPS. Tim had a hard job on his hands and held back a large number of good images but eventually managed to whittle down the very best to receive top marks and certificates.

The winners were Beckenham PS with 73.5 marks, followed by Orpington PS on 68.Greenwood CC came 7th on 61 marks, 1.5 marks behind Bromley CC. Greenwood top scorers were 'Spanish Festoon (Zerythia Rumina)' by Keith Woonton (9.5) and 'Joy' by Sue Potter (8.5). We now go into the Plate 1 competition on Thursday, 18th January.

The Plate 1 competition was held 18th January at Bromley CC and judged by David Eastley LRPS. The winners were Cheam with 71.5 marks, followed by Selsdon on 67.5, with Greenwood on 64.5 in 4th [place, while Aperture Woolwich withdrew from the competition.

Greenwood's top scorers were; 'Spanish Festoon (Zerythia Rumina)' by Keith Woonton (9); 'The watchers' by David Bacon (8.5); and 'Kingdom of the swan' by Sue Potter (8.5)

Our first Projected Digital Image competition, PD2 was held on Wednesday, 15th November at Croydon CC with six other competing clubs and our judge for the evening was Gerald Kityakara LRPS.

It was a reasonably high scoring competition with Gerald sorting out which images appealed to him and making considered comments before awarding a mark. The competition was won by Beckenham PS with 73 marks followed by Cheam CC on 72. Greenwood were placed 6th with 68.5 marks.. David Bacon received a 10 and a certificate for his image 'Gerberas'; Nigel Cox 9.5 for his image of a Goldfinch in flight and Bob Edwards 9 for his B/W 'Colonnade'.

The Plate 2 Competition was held on 23rd January at Orpington, judged by Paul Adams DPAGB ARPS FDPS. The winners were Selsdon with 70 marks, 2nd were Carshalton on 69, with Greenwood on 60.5.

Dianne Wills was our top scorer with a 9 for 'Out in the midday sun and David Bacon received an 8 for 'Van Gogh remembered'.

Carol White-Griffiths LRPS made a welcome return to the club to judge our images, which she enjoyed and gave constructive comments and considered a number worked well.

There were again 16 prints entered with the top mark of 10 awarded to Sue Potter for 'Leaning' and also received a 9.5 for her 'Dungeness blues' and a 9 for 'Suspened'; Berenice Chan received a 9 for her 'Sunset at Spinney lake'.

In the DPI's there were 26 entries with top marks (10) awarded to no less than 5 images - 'Curves' by Bob Edwards; 'Rapeseed field' by David Bacon; 'The Gardener' and also 'Winter at Knole' both by Sue Potter; and 'Flaming Red' by Tony Collins. Dianne Wills received a 9.5 for her 'Perfect Pleats'.

We welcomed back Ian Brash to the club who gave a good commentary on the images and feedback on possible improvements, including having a point of interest and looking for a wow factor.

In the Greenwood Cup print competition there were 16 entries with the winning image and mark of 10 for 'Spanish Festoon (Zerythia Rumina)' by Keith Woonton; Alan Russ also scored a 10 for his image 'Beached'. Other high scores were recorded for 'Dusty teasel' by Berenice Chan (9.5); and 'Corn baby' by Alan Russ (8.5).

After some refreshments and mince pies the Colab Trophy for DPI's had 21 entries and was won by Tony Collins with a 10 for 'Flower Power'; 'Looking At The Past' (9.5) and 'Up and under' (9) were both by Alan Russ; and Dianne Wills received 9 for her 'Perfect Pleats'.

Spanish Festoon - Zerynthia  rumina_Keith Woonton Flower Power_Tony Collins

Spanish Festoon (Zerythia Rumina)' by Keith Woonton - Flower power by Tony Collins

Our judge Darren Woolway gave some very helpful and encouraging advice on possible improvements to our competition entries.  

There were 25 prints entered with the top mark of 10 awarded to Alan Russ for his 'Salt fish' with 9.5's awarded Dianne Wills for 'Wind-up radio' and to Mick Wood for 'Lookingng and eating'.

In the DPI's there were 33 entries with top marks (10) awarded for 'Baby walker' and 'Long Eared Owl' both by Bob Edwards and to David Bacon for his 'Twin peaks'; 9.5's awarded for 'Old Man' by Alan Russ and 'Open to show' by Tony Collins.

Comp No. 3 2017-18 Comp No. 2 2017-18