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Competitions - Club and external

The Club has four competitions each year plus occasional set subject and open competitions. A ‘Best of Year’ competition held each December with the Greenwood Trophy awarded for the best print and the COLAB Trophy for best digital image.


All digital entries for club competitions should be sent to Dianne Wills, Competition Secretary (DPI's) at the club email address -

Print competition entry titles should be sent to Bob Edwards, Competition Secretary (Prints), email -


We enter external competitions against other clubs within the South London Federation and also take part in a friendly digital image competition against Beckenham Photographic Society competing for the Chislehurst Cup.  


Best of Year Competitions 2016


We welcomed back Zoe Garnham-Archer to judge our Best of Year competition who gave a range of positive comments and advice, remembering personal experiencies to some of the images.  

In the prints, the winner of the Greenwood Trophy was Bob Edwards with his 'View from the Shard' who also scored 10 for his 'A window on Parliament' with Keith Woonton also receiveing a 10 for his 'Pearly Heath' butterfly print.

The winner of the Colab Trophy for DPI's was Thelma Dulley for her image of 'Fushimi Inari Taisha' with 10's also awarded for 'Van Gogh remembered' by David Bacon and 'Navy poppy show' by Tony Collins.

An enjoyable and sociable evening with refreshments and mince pies.

Comp. No. 3, 25th January 2017 – judge Paul Parkinson LRPS


Competition No. 1, 26th October 2016 - judge John Yarrow

The colour print competition of 21 images was an unusually low scoring affair with the top two marks awarded to Bob Edwards for his 'Bluebell walk' (10) and to Richard King for his 'Wild Blue Orchid' (9.5). The rest of the prints were subjected to more harsh marking and well below expectations of the authors.

It was a different situation after the break for the 35 DPI's with a better spread of marks and consistency of marks reflecting the comments made. The top mark of 10 was awarded to Alan Sheppard for 'Look at me' and to Dianne Wills for 'The Feeding Station'; Alan Russ received a 9.5 for his 'Star Burst' and Thelma Dulley a 9 for 'Sea on rocks'.

Comp. No. 2, 23rd November 2016 - judge Tony Bentley ARPS

It was a first time welcome Paul Parkinson LRPS for what proved to be a very enjoyable competition. Paul found the positives of the images, highlighting possible improvements and a good range of marks to support his comments. In the Prints the top three were, 'Lily' by Sue Potter (10); 'Spanish Festoon (Zerythia Rumina)' by Keith Woonton (9.5); and 'Autumn at Wisley' by Bob Edwards (9). In the DPI's the top marked images were, 'Solar shadows' by Mike Wood (10); 'Doorstep display' by Bob Edwards (9.5); 'Colonnade' by Bob Edwards (9); 'Abstract water patterns' by Nigel Cox (9); and 'Pilchard Inn' by Richard King (9)

Friendly V Gravesend CC - to be held on 13th March 2017

This year Gravesend CC hosted our 'friendly battle' with a panel of 10 prints and 10 dpi’s from each club. Paul Adams ARPS DPAGB FDPS who is well known and a respected judge by both clubs was assisted in the commentry by Di Long LRPS.

First up were the dpi's which Gravesend won with a score of 177 to Greenwood's 162 with our top four being 'Barrow Boy' by Keith Woonton and 'Morning Look' by Alan Russ who both scored 18, while 'Fishing Huts, Iceland' and 'Bleak outlook' both by Bob Edwards scored 17.

In the prints it was a different story with a narrow win for Greenwood with 174 to Gravesends' 173.

Top scores for Greenwood were 'Kingdom of the swan' by Sue Potter which received the top mark of 20; 'A window on Parliament' and 'View from the Shard' again both by Bob Edwards recieved 19; while 'Small Blues (Cupido Minimus)' by Keith Woonton and 'Joy' by Sue Potter both scored 18.

So a win for each club but the overall winners were Gravesend CC - congratualtions to all who entered a very close and enjoyable competition.

South London Federation-Colour Print Results-2016-17

South London Federation - DPI Results - 2016-17

The club's first SLF Colour print (CP1) competition was on Monday, 31st October at Carshalton CC, judged by Marcus Scott-Taggart greenwood were up against Aperture Woolwich PS, Carshalton CC, Mitcham CC, Selsdon CC and West Wickham PS.

We didn’t get off to a good start, receiving a 6 ½ for our first image but our next one was held back – usually, but not always a good sign! This was 'Wind catcher' by Keith Woonton, which went on to receive a 9. The best of the rest were 8's for 'Beach Walkers' by David Bacon, 'Small Blues' by Keith Woonton and 'Otters feeding time' by Bob Edwards.

The winners were West Wickham PS on 70.5 followed by Carshalton CC on 69.5, with Greenwood 6th on 60 marks, 3 marks behind Mitcham in 5th place.

As a result the club were entered in the Plate 3 CP competition, held on 24th January 2017 at West Wickham and judged by Steve Lawrenson ARPS DPAGB. Once again Greenwood failed to shine against Selsdon PS, Croydon and Orpington, with Greenwood scoring 60 marks to the winners Selsdon 68.5. Our top scores were for 'Stoned Berries' by Richard King and 'Small Blues (Cupido Minimus)' by Keith Woonton, who both received 8.5.

The SLF DPI (PD2) competition was held 9th November at Beckenham, judged by Mike Dales ARPS with Greenwood this time up against Beckenham PS, Bromley CC, Selsdon CC, West Wickham PS and Aperture Woolwich PS.

Here we only manged to achieve top marks of 8's for 'Morning Look' by Alan Russ, 'Loco and motion' by David Bacon and 'Tropical Highrise' by Bob Edwards.

This time the winners were Beckenham with 70.5 with West Wickham 2nd on 69 and Greenwood a very dissapointing 6th on 58.5.

The club were also entered in the Plate 3 competition, this time for digital projected images and held on 24th January 2017 at West Wickham, judged by Steve Lawrenson ARPS DPAGB. This proved to be a much more close and exciting competition with the judge holding back a number of images to be considered later, including 3 from Greenwood. The results for a winner were tied between Greenwood and Selsdon and the tie-break images were considered. Unfortunately the judge preferred the Selsdon image and who now go on to the Plate Final on the 22nd February.

Our top scorers were 'Morning look' by Alan Russ and 'A winning smile' by Alan Sheppard who both scored 10 and received a certificate. These were supported by 'Before the battle' by Alan Russ (8.5) and 'Tropical highrise' by Bob Edwards, 'Vatican stairwell' by David Bacon and 'Viviparous lizards' by Keith Woonton, who all received 8. So close and a case of what might have been!

A warm welcome was given to Tony Bentley ARPS on his first visit to the club, who gave a good commentary and advice on our work.  

Twenty-one prints were entered with top marks of 10 awarded to Bob Edwards for 'A window on Parliament' and to Susan Potter, a newer member for 'Joy'. 'Footsteps in the sand' by Bob Edwards was awarded 9.5 as was 'Catching the last rays' by David Bacon. In the DPI's there were 32 images, this time the top mark of 10 was awarded for 'Van Gogh remembered' by David Bacon and 'Navy Poppy Show' by Tony Collins, while 'Reflections of City Hall' by Bob Edwards, 'Wooden Mushrooms' also by Bob Edwards, and 'Past its best' by Mick Wood all recveived 9.5. An enjoyable and encouraging evening for members.

Comp 1 2016-17 results
Comp 2 2016-17 results

Chislehurst Cup V Beckenham PS -  held on 12th April 2017

Our annual battle of 20 dpi's against Beckenham PS for the Chislehurst Cup was held on Weds, 12th April, this year judged by Paul Adams ARPS DPAGB FDPS.

There was a good range of images from both clubs with a good commentary on the merits of each by Paul as well giving good advice on what could perhaps be done to help improve the image.

The top scoring images from Greenwood were - 'The walkway' by Keith Woonton (9); 'Spectacled man' by Alan Russ (8.5); and 'Flower frieze' by Dianne Wills (8.5). However, Beckenham once again demonstrated their larger membership and depth of experience by scoring  greater expertise with three 10's and other high scoring images winning the cup with 167 to Greenwood's 147.5.

We wish Beckenham well in the SLF Finals Day competitions when they will be in both the Colour Print and DPI competitions.

Print winner - A view from the Shard by Bob Edwards

DPI winner - Fushimi Inari Taisha by Thelma Dulley

Comp 3 2016-17 results

Comp. No. 4 22nd March - judge Robin Harmsworth

It was good to welcome back Robin Harmsworth who gave a good range of comments, advice and marks. In the colouir prints Alan Russ received a 10 for his 'Corn baby' while Mick Wood achieved 9.5 for 'Mid-day, London Bridge station' and 9 for 'The houses at Hever Castle'. In the dpi's David Bacon received a 10 for 'Gerberas No2' and Alan Russ a 10 for 'Up and under' and a 9 for 'Red beard'.

Comp 4 2016-17 results

2016-17 Annual competition results

The results of the annual club competitions were announced following the AGM;

Prints - 1st Bob Edwards 87.22%; 2nd Mike Wood 81.67%; Joint 3rd Richard King and David Bacon on 78.33%. DPI's - Joint 1st Alan Russ and David Bacon on 86.67%; 3rd Bob Edwards on 84.44%.

Annual Club competition results 2016-17

Mono competition 10th May 2017- judge John Hill LRPS

John Hill gave his considered appraisal of our Mono work in a high scoring competition. There was a dissappointing number of competition entries, with members allowed to enter up to 3 dpis each. The eventual winner was Tony Collins with his 'Heaver Castle cottage' and received the latest Digital Camera magazine. 10's were also awarded to 'Colonnade' by Bob Edwards and to Sue Potter for 'Sweeping the sky'

Mono Competition 10 May 2017 results