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Competitions - Club and external

The Club has four competitions each year plus occasional set subject and open competitions. A ‘Best of Year’ competition held each December with the Greenwood Trophy awarded for the best print and the COLAB Trophy for best digital image.


We enter external competitions against other clubs within the South London Federation and the Kent County Photographic Association. We also have 'friendly' competition of 20 DP images against Beckenham Photographic Society competing for the Chislehurst Cup and a 'friendly battle' of 10 prints and 10 DP images versus Gravesend Camera Club.


What you need to know:                                                      (Revised from September 2018)                    Who are our past winners:

Roll of honour

Digital images - 4 easy steps to prepare them: (from September 2018)

1) Pixel dimensions  

Each image should be no more than 1400 pixels wide or 1050 pixels high.


A landscape format image shall be no more than 1400 pixels wide and no more than 1050 pixels high.

Each portrait format image shall be no more than 1050 pixels high


2) Image size

Ensure bicubic and constrain proportions are ticked


3) Image Mode

Save image to sRGB colour working space (even if mono) in JPEG format


4) Image title name and author

In the form of; name of image, underscore, author's name

e.g Mill On The Floss_George Elliot     (will automatically be given a .jpg file extension)

Competition rules Preparation for DPI Comps

Print competition rules (extract)


Prints must be mounted on or in stiff card which must not exceed 50cm x 40cm in size. This is the recommended size and required for external competions but can be smaller for internal competitions.


Picture size

The total image/picture area must not be less than 17.8 cm X 12.7 cm (226 sq. cm) or 35 square inches (7 inches x 5 inches).


All prints must have the name of the entrant and title of the work clearly stated on the back, top left hand corner of the mount.